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About Us

Our first memories of eating a bakery product are of the quintessential butter biscuits, or 'Biscoot' as we called them. Made by hand and eaten warm out of the oven, there were few things more delightful than a trip to the neighbourhood bakery. The clean, slightly sweet, yeasty aroma, welcomed us even before the bakery was in sight. While treats like rusk, khari, maska buns and jam rolls were reserved for the more special occasions, butter biscuits always made their way into our homes in time for tea.

Biscoot is an ode to childhood memories of micro bakeries from our neighbourhoods. We make hearty, wholesome, baked goods made fresh in small batches, filling our home with the delectable bakery aroma every day. 

About the Bakers
Rujutaa's passion for baking started in 2005 when she was 15 and was yet to decide her career path.
An innovative program during her 11th grade, led her to intern with at Adyar Bakery, Chennai for a year. After experiencing the fast pace and massive scale of production of a commercial bakery, she decided not to pursue this as a full time career.

15 years later, she has a degree in Design, an MBA, and heads operations at Ladu  (Jaipur) full time, but baking still continues to be an important part of her life.

She now bakes part time, in small batches making goodies that she grew up eating as a child!

Mahesh loves food in the truest sense possible and is the very reason that Rujutaa found her way back to baking. With a masters degree in International Law, he is a professor by day and baker by night. He makes all of the things that happen behind the scenes possible at Biscoot! 

Connect with us at +91 9166630501 or email us at khaobiscoot@gmail.com